Accelerate your impact, Grow your business

Forward, the brussels impact accelerator

Go forward!

Accelerate your impact, Grow your business

Forward, the brussels impact accelerator

Go forward!

What is Forward?

Forward is the accelerator program for businesses with social or environmental impact.

The selected participants have access to 6 days of thematic bootcamps (business, Impact, funding), a pitch event, individual coaching, networking events, trainings and support for fundraising. 

With forward you receive six months’ support to guide your company through it’s growth phase, increase your impact and potentially raise funds.

Forward also means integrating the ecosystem of Réseau Entreprendre Brussels, LITA, Solifin and Wikipeneurs who designed this program and involve their entire network to make it a success.



Who can apply?

Your company address a social and/or environmental issue?

Your company have a legal entity based in Brussels?

Your company passed the R&D, ideation or incubation phase?

Your company has validated its market potential, has its first customers and has turnover?

Your company wants to consolidate its business model and / or raise funds?

Our selection criterias


A significant social or environmental impact


An innovative solution


An ambition to grow

Business model

A clear and market-validated model


A need for support and a commitment from business leaders


The program consists of 6 months including
6 days of bootcamps + personalized support 
according to your needs.


Participation fees : 500€


2x/year : Jan -> june | Sept -> Jan

Contact us !

Next call for applications: Decembre 2023

The forwardees

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  • ROOL


    ROOL is a research company, designer and manufacturer of utility solutions for bicycles and has developed Willy, the most compact trailer on the market. Mass-produced in Belgium and assembled in Brussels, the Willy trailer is the universal cycling solution for transporting goods in the city.



    Betree is a Belgian brand of solid beauty and hygiene cosmetics made exclusively from natural, vegan and organic ingredients. Each product is created to benefit your health and our planet. Through Betree, everyone rethinks how to take care of themselves without making compromises.



    Coup d'barre is the Belgian eco-responsible sports nutrition brand. We prepare organic, vegan energy bars in a compostable packaging that you can open with one hand in any situation.



    What if we made a difference? Climate, health, poverty, discrimination... The world needs change. Do you want to be part of it? With the Better solidarity subscription, you can take action now for the causes that matter to you. Our conviction? Together, a small amount donated regularly is already making a difference.



    Kaly Ora is a sustainable, ethical and inclusive sportswear and swimwear brand to accompany modern women in their daily lives.

  • BWAT


    Bwat is THE reusable box for pizzas, quiches and pies produced in Belgium.



    At MIKE&BECKY, cocoa is the star and our watchword is transparency. Our partner plantations around the world are child labour free, eco-responsible, organic, and properly remunerate their workers for their excellent efforts and cacao. We make our chocolates in our Brussels workshop from 100% organic ingredients. For us, working properly and honestly from Bean-to-Bar, is simply the “future of chocolate”



    Surveco is an organiser of committed teambuildings. Our aim is to raise awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals through games. Our ambition is to be the springboard for employees to get involved in a sustainable future.



    The Red Pencil is a charitable foundation with expertise in art therapy. Our aim is to offer the benefits of art therapy to people (children, adults, families) who are facing difficulties in order to improve their well-being and resilience. To do this we offer group art therapy sessions for children/adults/families and training for staff.



    Dropiz supports and facilitates the transition to washable nappies. We want parents and professionals to make a conscious choice, a choice that suits them. To this end, we provide information, rent different brands of washable nappies, offer laundry cleaning and bicycle collection in Brussels.



    Pinky Chips is the second hand e-shop for babies and children from 0 to 16 years old. Our aim is to make it easier for parents to buy and resell their children's clothes. But also to help them to consume more responsibly. Every week, hundreds of new items are put online. Cool and responsible clothes, better than new!



    Chocolow is the vegetable-based chocolate spread that contains up to 84% less sugar. Produced in Brussels in an social integration facility, healthier (less sugar, fewer calories, rich in fibre and a source of magnesium), certified organic and containing between 40 and 50% vegetables, Chocolow is your healthy breakfast companion.

About Forward

Forward is an accelerator program for impact businesses. It offers six months’ support to guide entrepreneurs through they growth phase, increase their impact and if needed raise funds.

Forward is designed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Because new purpose-driven businesses face many challenges to reach break-even and raise funds after the launch of their companies, Forward was set up to boost the grow of these companies from the impact ecosystem in Brussels.

It’s also a unique partnership between four entities: Réseau Entreprendre Brussels, LITA, Solifin, and Wikipreneurs  who are driving the project.

Together they have compiled a tailor-made programme for impact entrepreneurs in their growth phase and are fully committed to supporting them. The selected participants will have access to three bootcamps, a pitch event, individual coaching, networking events, trainings and support for fundraising. The programme will explore topics such as business strategy, impact measurement, and financing tactics in very interactive sessions and with the support of a toolbox.