Accelerate your impact, Grow your business

Forward, the brussels impact accelerator

Go forward!

Accelerate your impact, Grow your business

Forward, the brussels impact accelerator

Go forward!

What is Forward?

Forward is the accelerator program for businesses with social or environmental impact.

The selected participants have access to 6 days of thematic bootcamps (business, Impact, funding), a pitch event, individual coaching, networking events, trainings and support for fundraising. 

With forward you receive six months’ support to guide your company through it’s growth phase, increase your impact and potentially raise funds.

Forward also means integrating the ecosystem of Réseau Entreprendre Brussels, LITA, Solifin and Wikipeneurs who designed this program and involve their entire network to make it a success.



Who can apply?

Your company address a social and/or environmental issue?

Your company have a legal entity based in Brussels?

Your company passed the R&D, ideation or incubation phase?

Your company has validated its market potential, has its first customers and has turnover?

Your company wants to consolidate its business model and / or raise funds?

Our selection criterias


A significant social or environmental impact


An innovative solution


An ambition to grow

Business model

A clear and market-validated model


A need for support and a commitment from business leaders


The program consists of 6 months including
6 days of bootcamps + personalized support 
according to your needs.


Participation fees : 500€


February - Septembre 2023

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before December 22, 2022

The forwardees

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  • Watt4Ever


    Watt4Ever's innovative process gives used high voltage batteries a second life and turns them into a powerful sustainable energy system. By helping your business become more self-sufficient in meeting its energy needs, it increases profits and reduces its carbon footprint.

  • RISH


    Rish Kombucha is a fermented tea, brewed in Brussels with organic Sencha green tea, cane sugar and a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast, the SCOBY.

  • Tulipal


    Tulipal is the solution to clean your cup. It is a portable, practical and ecological device so that all menstruating people can experience their periods more easily, healthily and ecologically.

  • Supermarket


    Supermarket aims to promote slow design and sustainable shopping. In the same place we propose a shop, where ethical brands, from Belgian designers and second hand products are sold, events around local creation, such as collection presentations or vernissages, workshops and a co-working space.

  • Give Actions


    GiveActions is a advertising platform with positive impact. We have created a positive advertising concept to make more virtuous products and services stand out. We are working with the major Belgian media to integrate this advertising concept and thus reorient consumption in a more sustainable way.

  • Le monde d’Ayden


    Le monde d'Ayden is the first inclusive indoor playground in Belgium! A space entirely designed and adapted to welcome ALL children, whether they are disabled or not. An open, caring, sensory place where everyone has their place.

  • Odyskin


    Odyskin is a natural, Cosmos Organic and Vegan certified sunscreen brand with eco-friendly packaging.

  • Meet My Job


    Meet My Job is the first Belgian recruitment platform for companies with an environmental and/or societal impact. Finding an internship or a job in a company with an positive impact has never been so easy!

  • Sana&Co


    Sana & CO is a young Belgian organic biscuit factory. It currently owns the brands "Le p'tit Namurois", "La cookiserie Namuroise" and "Energy'croc".



    MAD LAB is an organic artisanal biscuit factory producing innovative, healthy and authentic sweet and salty biscuits. Made from organic ingredients, mostly local, we offer biscuits with original flavours. Our range also includes circular biscuits made with brewery grain from Brussels.

  • Cool Beans Food


    Cool Beans Foods permet de réduire facilement votre consommation de viande sans compromettre le goût. Nos légumineuses locales non-transformées et mijotées avec des épices du monde vous apportent saveur, santé, plus de durabilité dans vos choix alimentaires.

  • Bazoef Petfood


    Bazoef is the first Belgian brand of dog and cat food made from insect proteins. Our kibbles are tasty, healthy and much better for the environment than meat-based kibbles.

About Forward

Forward is an accelerator program for impact businesses. It offers six months’ support to guide entrepreneurs through they growth phase, increase their impact and if needed raise funds.

Forward is designed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Because new purpose-driven businesses face many challenges to reach break-even and raise funds after the launch of their companies, Forward was set up to boost the grow of these companies from the impact ecosystem in Brussels.

It’s also a unique partnership between four entities: Réseau Entreprendre Brussels, LITA, Solifin, and Wikipreneurs  who are driving the project.

Together they have compiled a tailor-made programme for impact entrepreneurs in their growth phase and are fully committed to supporting them. The selected participants will have access to three bootcamps, a pitch event, individual coaching, networking events, trainings and support for fundraising. The programme will explore topics such as business strategy, impact measurement, and financing tactics in very interactive sessions and with the support of a toolbox.